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Twenty-Seventeen: Fifty Favorites

I’ve adopted the tradition of sharing my 50 favorite images at year’s end. This year has been one where I’ve shot a lot fewer images, but the ones that I’ve captured are, in my opinion, better than years past. They are in chronological order starting in January and wrapping up in the first weekend of December. It was difficult to choose only 50! Let me know if you’ve got any favorites in the ones that I’ve selected!

A Steamy Morning In The River
Flow On The Rocks
Snow Covered Falls
Cutting Through The Rippled Surface
Snow At The Overlook Trellis
Snow On The Yellow Arch
Three Sisters In Golden Light
Monongahela Monotone
Inquisitive On The Golden Path
Daybreak At Grandview Park
Save Ferris At The Rex
Kill Your Television
Braving Winter’s Last Stand
Final Curtain Call
The Power’s Gone Out
Crocus Emergence
Streaks On The Duquesne Crossing
Rolling On Three Rivers
Light Side Dark Side
Hemp House
Leftover Cogs
Morning Arrives Like A Fireball
A City In The Low Clouds
Wave Breaker
Flight Delay
A Sea Of Stars Above Seneca Rocks
Captain And The Cup
Bridging The Mirror
Spilling Down The Hillside
A Golden Arch
Celebration On Three Rivers
Fireballs Over Downtown
Rolling Upriver At Dawn
Quack Break
Flight Of The Waterscooter
Soft Light On Oxidations Prey
First Light At The Fountain
Into The Warm Light
Pushin’ Power Rocks
Under A Galaxy Of Stars
Front Row For The Sunrise
Framing A Colorful Dawn
Autumn’s Height At Chagrin Falls
Light It Up
St. Mary Under Vibrant Skies
A City Afloat
Water’s Contrast